Our Staff


Mala Veeraraghavan


I started Blossom Beauty because I felt that the salons I went were generally quite extreme. Nothing gives me more pleasure as a professional than seeing my clients walk out with a smile on their face.

Lydia Glassley


I became an esthetician because I love making people feel good about themselves in their own skin. My favorite part of my job is seeing how spending only a small amount of time with someone every few weeks can make a hugely positive difference in their lives.



Henna coloring

The best thing about my job is building relationships with our nice clients. I’ve met some amazing people at Blossom Beauty and I love seeing them every few weeks and catching up on what’s been going on in our lives!


Amy Rothlisberger


I'm so honored and excited to be the newest esthetician at Blossom Beauty! Esthetics, skincare and makeup artistry are such a huge passion in my life and I would love to share that with you. It is my goal to make you glow!


Kelly Gabica


I am so happy to join the blossom team! I love the atmosphere of the salon and the people who work here. I have always been interested in all things beauty so I thought what better place to work! I'm also a makeup artist and have been for a little over two years. It is my passion, nothing makes me happier than enhancing someone's already beautiful features.